Kenya IGF Online Discussions Day 2: Strengthening Data Security in the Context of Emerging Trends

Ethics and trust in a digital age

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Ethics and trust in a digital age


We examine the importance and challenge of ethical behaviour in this digital age with insight and guidance provi…



\”Professional accountants have an obligation to act in the public interest. If there was a data breach, they should endeavour to inform the end user, the customer or the client, at the earliest opportunity and let them know that their confidential information has been exposed…rather than seeking to protect the interests or reputation of the organisation.\”
Ken Siong, technical director, IESBA

2017 Publication, insights useful.

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On Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 22:47:55 GMT+3, John Paul Karijo via kictanet <> wrote:

Thank you Grace – I agree! Also interesting was the fact that he was from a local university.
On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 21:43 Grace Bomu <> wrote:

This is interesting. We have been conditioned to believe that more and more data is needed from us to usher us into the brave new world. And the use of good old maths to solve shiny new computing problems- We would be interested to hear more…. Thank you for this perspective 
Il mercoledì 11 luglio 2018, John Paul Karijo <> ha scritto:

I was in a multidisciplinary conference a few weeks ago and this presenter was working on a mathematical formula that would allow us to measure the optimum level at which to give up privacy in order for meaningful use to be viable on the data that is accessed.
A kind of a sweet spot where the data collected from users is sufficient for analysis, for computation, for analytics… enough for A.I and ubiquitous computing and yet not to the level where it is personally identifiable or can be used for unwarranted or unsolicited or harmful targeting.
He is still working on this – I will go look up his name and share later tomorrow.
He said something interesting though – that coders didn\’t know how to do