Kenya ICT Authority – Deploy Azure Stack?

Does this mean that the sites are hosted in Egypt?

Il giorno mar 6 nov 2018 alle ore 00:27 S.M. Muraya via kictanet <> ha scritto:

> Factoring our low IT (OPEX) budgets/priorities, is the Kenya ICT Authority
> looking to deploy Azure stack (CAPEX)? Egypt seems to be ahead of us on
> this one.
> Why you can’t access several Government websites
> By Geoffrey Mosoku | Published Mon, November 5th 2018 at 19:35, Updated
> November 5th 2018 at 22:34 GMT +3
> Several government websites were on Monday evening shut own over claims of
> unsettled debts. Those affected include the Ministry of Lands, Labour,
> Ministry of Energy, Mining and Petroleum, and that of the Ministry of East
> Africa Community among others.
> According to sources, the affected sites are hosted by Microsoft\’s Azure
> went down due to lack of payment.
> Microsoft Egypt And Link Datacenter Bring Azure Stack Services To Egypt
> Sylvester Addo | October 11, 2018
> Microsoft Egypt and Link Datacenter introduce the availability of Azure
> Stack hybrid Cloud services to Businesses in Egypt
> Link Datacenter and Microsoft Egypt have partnered to deliver Microsoft’s
> Azure stack services to the Egyptian market. Link Datacenter will become
> the first provider offering the hybrid Cloud Services through their
> Datacenters in Egypt.
> Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver
> Microsoft Azure services in your datacenter. Azure Stack is an extension of
> Azure that brings agility and innovation of cloud computing to an
> on-premises environment. It allows you to build and deploy hybrid
> applications anywhere. Microsoft says it brings together the best of the
> edge and cloud to deliver Azure services anywhere in your environment.
> It is one of the latest innovation in Microsoft’s line of cloud
> infrastructure solutions. A hybrid hosting solution and an extension to
> Azure Public Cloud Computing Services. Confined to a geographical location,
> allowing enterprises to overcome limitations set by regulatory, data
> sovereignty policies or latency issues. It also easily connects with Azure
> cloud for integration with your cloud data and applications. It comes
> packed with important features that enhance the security, efficiency and
> agility of any enterprise.
> Azure Stack offers a ground breaking solution
> Speaking about the advantages Ahmed El Salmy, Microsoft Egypt Cloud
> Business Group Lead said “Azure Stack will offer a ground breaking
> solution; localized applications, data hosting and services, but still
> enjoy the benefits and features of Azure Cloud Services.”
> Speaking to a reporter of Daily News Egypt, Ahmed El Salmy said Microsoft
> Azure stack is suitable for many government institutions in Egypt that wish
> to keep their data within the country. It is also suitable for critical
> sectors in terms of security. He also shares his believe for the growth of
> the cloud computing market in Egypt.
> Gamal Selim, Link Datacenter CEO says “Clients who can’t migrate to the
> cloud due to security or data regulations can easily move their
> applications and data to Azure Stack which can easily connect to any
> application they have on Azure cloud. Using Azure stack omits any problems
> with latency because they are connected via a dedicated data line, it also
> heightens the security of their infrastructure because nothing is
> accessible through the internet. Using Azure stack improves the agility,
> scalability, and reduces your total cost of ownership because you only pay
> for what you use and don’t need to invest in costly local data centers.”
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