Kembi Gitura’s appointment to CA board challenged in court

The appointment of former deputy Senate Speaker Kembi Gitura to chair the
board of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has been challenged in
court, setting the stage for another protracted battle for leadership at
the key State agency. President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 10 gazetted the
appointment of Mr Gitura as the new CA board chairman starting April 18,
2021. He is set to take over from Mr Ngene Gituku whose term as chairman of
the CA board is due to expire. However, the appointment has now been
challenged at the Employment and Labour Relations Court by a Mr Benedict
Kabugi Ndungu, who says the president failed to form a select panel to
conduct the recruitment of the board’s chairman as required by Sections 6
and 6B of the Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Act (KICA)
and the amendments done in 2013.

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