#KeIGF2024 : Digital Creative Industries: AI & Film

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

I have been exploring various AI tools in my creative endeavours. In my
opinion, that is what they are: only tools. There is concern among
creatives that these tools will replace humans. As a creative, I can attest
to the fact that technology is an enabler not a hindrance. AI tools make my
creative process faster but I still have to do the work. The nature of the
jobs will change but creative input from humans will still be needed (for

There is a great need to upskill workers in the digital creative
industries. Many of the jobs mentioned in the credits of a feature film may
disappear with time. Film schools should equip students so that they will
view AI as an ally and not a threat. Kudos to experienced filmmaker,
Cajetan Boy, who has been equipping screenwriters to use AI tools.

There is a huge opportunity to include Kenyan languages in AI tools.
Suno.ai is amazing. However, I still have not been able to generate a
Kikuyu, Luo or Luhya song! Should this even be a possibility or should
Kenyan traditional songs/sounds be protected from AI?

Elevenlabs is another great tool. One can even clone their voice and earn
money. The concern is whether one’s cloned voice can be misused.

Should one’s voice/voice print be registered as Intellectual Property?

A leaf could be borrowed from the Elvis Act – Ensuring Likeness Voice and
Image Security Act

Will a film license be required to create AI films?

Mildred Achoch.

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> Dear Listers,
> The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KeIGF) is happening in just 14 days.
> This year’s theme is “Building Kenya’s Multistakeholder Digital Future.”
> We shall conduct a 4-day online moderated conversation around the theme.
> We’re interested in your thoughts on:
> 1. *Digital Creative Industries: AI & Film*
> *How can we balance the benefits of AI in the creative process with the
> need to protect human creativity and rights?*
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