Invite: Stochastic Parrots Day Event March 17

Hey all! Thought that some of you and/or your teams might be interested in
this event being hosted by Timnit Gebru at DAIR next Friday. Here’s the
registration page:

Besides co-authors Emily M. Bender, Margaret Mitchell and Angelina
McMillan-Major, we’ll be joined by other scientists, artists, data workers,
writers, legal scholars and teachers. We’ll also have one of the anonymous
kenyan data workers who worked on filtering out Open AI model outputs
profiled in this TIME article

Our guests will be:

–my friend of 23 years Belzie Mont-Louis
<> who
has been teaching middle schoolers 17+ years and knows the impact of these
tools on her students, –Prof. Safiya Noble, Ph.D
<> who you all know,
–Prof. Mark Riedl <> who’s
research covers generative AI and other ML systems, and can help us dissect
the hype (he also created this Stochastic Parrots Hoodie design
<> 🙂
–Nanjala Nyabola <> who is a
writer, researcher and political analyst who wants to get the discussion
around regulating AI away from the hype,
–Artist Steven Zapata who has written and spoken a lot about the impact of
generative AI tools on artists like him and his students (e.g. see his TEDx
–Sarah Andrew
<> of
Avaaz <> who will tell us all about what’s
going on with the EU’s AI Act,
–Our DAIR fellow Asmelash Teka Hadgu
<> who
stated a machine translation company, and has seen firsthand hype
vs reality around tools like ChatGPT (you can see his twitter thread +
interview here
about ChatGPT being gibberish in his mother tongue but the hype being
harmful to companies like his)
–Our fellow Milagros Miceli
<> who’s
research on data labor has gotten THREE best paper awards and covered by
many outlets,
–and most importantly an anonymous data worker who has worked on filtering
the outputs of these systems and can tell us first hand what their working
conditions were and how doing this work impacted them.

Thank you!

[image: agenda.png]