Internet Should Be A Public Utility Service

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I agree with you on the need to consider Internet as a Public Utility. It is not difficult to implement it. It is not expensive either. Bundles will never fully meet users needs for internet service. Remember the cost curve of ICTs. Regarding the beginning of internet in Kenya in the early nineties, there was some work done by USAID (Leyland Initiative) lead by John Mark though not often acknowledged. Even more work was done by African Online. It is worth checking on it. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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This is an article I wrote recently:

Happy to here your thoughts.
The regulatory framework needs to be future looking. The COVID-19 situation is bringing us back to the table to revise what we otherwise thought was reasonable use and penetration of the Internet in Kenya and across Africa.
Good time to revive  like APC, KICTANET etc to revisit policy advocacy on  universally accessible and affordable Internet access. Internet should be considered as critical as other services like water, electricity, sewerage etc.
We all know the school calendar is in total jeopardy and talks on having kids repeat 2020 on the table. 
Universally accessible and affordable Internet access is what will give us a continuity strategy for education and support telemedicine. These are some of the areas where growth must happen.

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