Inside raging battle for the control of key eCitizen system

Puzzling developments given the current row over the management of the
eCitizen portal. Even as it unfolds, there is need to start thinking of a
better way to manage such an important e-government programme and have it
embedded in a specific policy, law and institution.


A court battle between the eCitizen developer, a company that has been
collecting funds through the system, and the Treasury has not only revealed
several holes in the project implementation, but has also complicated
matters. Goldrock Capital, which has been collecting money and remitting to
government from the platform, has sued the Treasury for locking it out of
the mobile money collection portal. Goldrock has made party to its suit
Webmasters Kenya which developed the portal and which contracted it to do
the collections. As soon as the Treasury finally wrested control of the
digital payments system, it began regularisation of the entire project but
the process has sparked a three-way standoff.

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