Innovators Cooperative Society (Membership and more) – Protecting Ideas: The Government Whitebox is out

Thanks for the heads up Wangari.
Btw, listers, I found a good link with a nice overview of the coop movement in Kenya.

Some quick FAQ bites: 
* Not all coops are SACCOS. Many are formed to solve common market access problems, to unlock big business opportunities and to leverage economies of scale, where collective strengths are pooled together for common good.
* Coops contribute more than Ksh. 3 TRILLION (i.e. over 40% of Kenya\’s 7. 4 Trillion GDP). 
* They employ over 300,000 people (and growing).
* Many have capacity to negotiate directly for and deliver big deals with any entity including Governments, corporates and foreign multinationals. There are no middle men (unlike the current ICT landscape) so better wealth creation for members.
* They operate democratically and at grassroots level, hence are effective instruments for poverty reduction and economic empowerment of their members.
* Profits are distributed directly to members (who also have a say on how the coop is managed).
The innovators coop will have some unique strategic features that will give it an extra edge over traditional format coops.

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Yes, crazy proposition is – because certainly half the world would view it as such. Just envision the first African Coffee farmers coop. So save yourself and them too and just move on with your gig, some will catch on to you enroute!

Ideas are gold…
And even Governments are looking…
Presidential Innovation Fellows

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Presidential Innovation Fellows

The Presidential Innovation Fellows program brings the principles, values, and practices of the innovation econo…



\”We must harness new ideas and technology to remake our government.\”

The program is currently recruiting for a Fall 2018 cohort to continue this work. Potential new projects include:

– How might we dramatically improve health outcomes by creating the world\’s largest research cohort through the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health? More Detail
– How might we help the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs deliver better experiences to our nation’s veterans? More Detail
– How might we help the U.S. Department of Agriculture deliver better end-to-end services to its customers? More Detail
– How might we help the Department of Transportation leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our cities and transportation systems safer? More Detail
– How might the Department of Defense better collaborate with startups? More Detail
– How might we help the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors better counter global disinformation and become more data-driven? More Detail
– How might we help the Department of Commerce create jobs and economic impact by leveraging our federal investments in research and development? More Detail
– How might we help U.S. Department of State better execute on policy priorities? More Detail
– How might we help the Millenium Challenge Corporation continue to lead the fight against global poverty by empowering partner governments to better leverage data and technology? More Detail
– How might we help the USMC modernize all areas of logistics: people, process and technology? More Detail
– How might we help the Department of Veteran Affairs deliver more user-centered services and care?More Detail
– How can a new Chief Data Officer (CDO) help the U.S. Department of State become more data-driven?More Detail

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