In America’s indictment of Huawei some conversations…


As an ICT Policy practitioner and avid follower of #GeoPolitics the #HuaweiDebacle has great interest to me. Recently our CS ICT, Joseph Mucheru tasked ATU to probe alleged security risks on Huawei and ZTE Equipment.

In America’s indictment of Huawei Technologies some interesting conversations:-

1. The Global Cop routine is sort of wearing thin and portraying it not as a force for good but as a bully.

2. Are Chinese companies so dependent on America that a ban by America can kill them? The case of the almost collapse of ZTE Corporation is instructive.. Only a surprise last minute reprieve from #TheDonald saved it from total collapse.

3. Could Huawei Technologies survive a ban by America? Intel Corporation, Seagate Technology and Qualcomm are major suppliers to Huawei Technologies. How will this affect their ability to deliver cutting edge technology to their customers?

This last point brings me to wonder how much of the Chinese Technology renaissance is dependent on America?

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