IGF Week Day 2 Discussion – Digital Inclusion

Good morning listers,

As we approach this year\’s Kenya Internet Governance Forum on 1 August
2019, we would like to continue today\’s discussion in line with the theme One
Kenya. One Net. One Vision.

Today\’s sub-theme is Digital Inclusion. Digital Inclusion is about both
identifying those with less or no access to the Internet (e.g. underserved
communities, marginalized groups, the minorities, people with disabilities
or people lacking digital literacy) and it is about activities related to
the achievement of an inclusive information society.

We would appreciate your thoughts on the following:

– How can we tackle access and affordability issues, and what
improvements need to be made?
– How can we better utilize primary and secondary schools and tertiary
institutions to promote and to deliver on digital literacy programmes?
– How do we ensure that Internet governance processes are truly
– What needs to be done to enhance the capacity of different actors?
– How do we ensure that these skills and employment opportunities are
equitable to all on an equal footing?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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