ict practitioners bill is back

Hello Rosemary,

I will close off my submissions for the day by responding to your kind

For my part I want a mechanism that will help my skills and experience be
recognizable in a manner that removes the restrictions that are currently
in place for me to engage in any significant work with the government and
any corporation that dictates that the only relevant document to prove my
proficiency is a University degree.

​As for those who perpetrate mischief., it is difficult if not impossible
to improve the capacity of our courts to be able to handle the possible
thousands of hi-tech related crime. Experts would always have to be brought
it and those cases would take months if not years to go through the system.

This institute would offer a faster means of mediation. If there is any
mischief or delay by this body, then those particular appeals would
certainly be acceptable to the Judiciary. Or you can still bypass them and
go to the courts. They are supreme.



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