ict practitioners bill is back

Replying to Julius Njiraini who has been posting one liners in support of
the bill…..and also about this one organisation represents everyone….
we are a diverse country with varying interests. And diversity is good as
it helps us to get different points of view on the table. No one
organisation has monopoly of views in ICT or any other sector.
We must dissuade ourselves from the notion that people need the law or a
new law to organise themselves. Humans are social and they organise
naturally. KEPSA, KICTANet, ISACA and many others who engage on ICT policy
exsist without a special law?
I hope this debate can shift from forced association through ICT
Practitioners Bill to identifying the problems and seeking solutions.
In my view, one main challenge is that the Ministry could be more
responsive to stakeholders who want to engage with it. And this should be
any and all stakeholders who are interested be they organisations or
individuals, all sectors- private, academia, techies and civil society.
More openess than closeness please!

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