ict practitioners bill is back

Bwana Joe,
Just like the FS industry adopts IFRS9 through the directives of the regulators globally, create the platform and the private sector will come and debate on international standards or guidelines that can be adopted.

That’s my take.

Denis Mutinda
President, ISACA Kenya Chapter

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> On 17 Dec 2017, at 05:25, Joseph Mucheru via kictanet <kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
> The absence of dialogue and relying on media reports is a recipe for discord. The current views, sentiments and concerns raised in the group are justified only because there is no dialogue. Kicktanet is part of KEPSA who we are in constant dialogue even on this topic. Going forward, the need to dialogue through the agreed channels is key;
> So let me try and give a position on where we are;
> I did state that we will need a Practitioners Bill and even clarified to media it would not be the current one
> There is currently NO Bill in parliament. The last one lapsed and we would need to start afresh
> The bill identified a need/gap in our sector that requires some action, especially since ICT is at the heart of the Governments development agenda
> The Industry was opposed with the method/solutions proposed by the Bill but not the fact there is a gap
> Other Industries have self regulating bodies and if our sector is to grow, we need to get organised and set this up. Why should government have to do it?
> We are exporting our skills regionally and internationally and a need to standardise and demonstrate our skills is key. This is because we are not working in isolation, we are competing with other countries and Kenya must be able to demonstrate consistent and quality skills — today we are blacklisted on various online jobs platforms because of a few bad apples, while we know we have some of the best talents, we are also losing tenders and business because we have not conformed to specific international standards an