Hustler Fund and the data protection implications

Dear listers,

The Kenyan Government launched the much hyped hustler fund a digital
lending platform. Credit will be accessible through various lending
platforms such as M-PESA. Out of curiosity I can not help but wonder what
are the data protection implications of the system. For example what data
will be used as baseline to determine your credit worthiness. Is it data
held by government, credit reference bureaus, the lending companies or we
are starting from scratch ? Who will be the main data controller of the
data collected is it government is it the companies. If it’s the government
how much data will they have on Kenya and their credit worthiness and what
are the implications of that. Who will store this data? Are their any data
sharing agreements in place between the entities involved. What data
subject rights have been provided and does the consumer understand them? It
will be intresting to see how this develops and the discussion from a data
protection perspective.