Hustler Fund and the data protection implications


I just tried in the morning to register through *254# which accepted and indicated that they will respond after 2 hours. Now in the evening, there is no response.

Data infringement is on the loose; were my data rights accessed? The cost for the process is Kshs 10; if 1 million tried the process and are waiting. Who benefits from the revenue generated by the SMS?

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I tried to get the terms and conditions from the link given on mobile and something else showed up.

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@ Alex,

I am still stuck on this statement:

>>>i am still not convinced a citizen can demand privacy from the government since the basics of government >>>is that citizens ceded private rights in return for the public good (Hobbes theory of government)

I don’t know who ‘Hobbes’ is or was but please avoid him or her 😉

Your right to privacy is baked into your 2010 Constitution and even the government should not take it away. Emphasis is of course on ‘should not’ – the fact that most governments regularly do and violate citizen privacy should never, ever be normalized.