How to get hacked; Business ways to prevent it.

Good Morning Listers,

*As a follow up to this session,* Cyber security is about being alert, and
your responsiveness once you detect there is a breach. Most hacks that
actually go through usually start with vulnerability of users, ignorance,
and lack of knowledge. In our 1st SME Tech Masterclass we talked about case
studies in the recent past of how firms have been hacked before, what they
did after, what they would have done differently, and what it means to be
cyber aware. The list is not conclusive. These are titbits of the whole
session. Click here
to read about it.

Feel free to add comments on other tips that non techies can incorporate.



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On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 9:35 PM Mercy Njue <> wrote:

> Good Evening listers,
> Botlab would like to invite you to a curated event on Cyber Security
> evening workshop at Oracle- 14th floor, Delta towers
> <>.
> Session will explore social engineering, Mobile money fraud. Think about
> this way; Have you ever thought that you could make a fraudulent payment
> to a fraudster? Or your online business presence could be stolen by a
> hacker? Do you know someone could be learning about your business without
> you knowing of their existence? Don’t fret. This session is to help you
> understand what risks could trigger your business as you embrace
> technology, how to mitigate and how to create a culture of cyber security
> awareness in your business. To register, click here
> <>.
> *Confirmed panelists:* Hazel Gachoka
> <>of
> Techminds, Lewis Miriti
> <>of
> Palo Alto, David Muite
> <> of
> Oracle, Pharace Moraa
> <> of
> Safaricom.
> *Session *will run for 3hrs. 5.30pm to 8.30pm on 27th November 2019 just
> Before Cyber Monday- 2nd December 2019. *Cost* will be Ksh: 1500pp.
> *Paybill* 965465( Botlab Limited) Account Number: Your name.
> We look forward to hosting and learning together.
> *Poster attached.*
> Regards,
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> Mercy Njue
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