Wangari,ListersIn the book \”Code is law\” Prof. Lessig has also written about the subject. Basically, the Code writer is making the laws.Normally,laws should be made by law makers e.g. Parliament who are accountable to the people in that(in many cases) it is possible to vote them out if not satisfied with their performance. However Code writers are often  not subject to any scrutiny/debate/discussion or argument and are often accountable only to themselves but what they do is of significant publlc interest. And there lies the risk!

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Cathy O’Neil, a bestselling author and a data scientist appropriately refers to biased computer systems as “weapons of math destruction”, because they use mathematical algorithms to ruin lives by placing them in buckets that they don’t belong.
Of course no system can be perfect and that’s why regularly auditing and updating them should be part of a system engineer’s modus operandi.

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