Have you seen Her?

Hi David
She did a webinar with KEPSA in mid-December. Attached are a few screenshots I managed to save that might be helpful. There was an email address shared, but I didn’t get a chance to note it.
She’s based out of the CA with some staff seconded from the Ministry for the moment. She only just started a few weeks before Christmas.

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Since her appointment as Kenya\’s first Data Commissioner, has anyone heard of her? There are a lot of issues that are still pending ever since the Data Protection Act became law. From the Huduma Namba issue and its digital ID System, how it can be implemented<www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42661>, the kind of framework that will help users data because, in May 2019, we published a report on Policy concerns on digital identification<www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=40837> and answers are needed.

If there is anyone who has heard or seen her, pass my regards and wish here a happy new year 2021!
Kind Regards,

David Indeje

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