Guidebook: Data Protection & Privacy in Kenya from a Gender Perspective

[image: FmQeo9NXoAIlAGo.png]

Dear Listers,
In 2019, Kenya enacted the Data Protection Act 2019 (DPA), to
operationalize the right to privacy in Kenya.

Since then, Kenya has established the Office of the Data Protection
Commissioner whose mandate is to enforce data protection rights and
principles as envisioned in the DPA.

Despite this, there exists a gap in awareness and understanding of existing
safeguards for data subjects and more so women under the law and privacy
features on social media platforms.

This guidebook aims to raise awareness on data protection and privacy in
Kenya from a gender perspective.

For more information :

KICTANet has developed three learning materials to raise awareness and
deepen understanding of data protection with a gender lens. These learning
materials include a comic strip on women and data
<>, a policy
brief on data protection and privacy from a gender perspective
and the Guidebook on Data Protection and Privacy from a Gender Perspective