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Understand the terms and conditions of Internet Service Providers

*Tech Policy Discussion, 18th February 2021*

*A Review of Internet Service Providers Fair Usage Policies in Kenya*

On* 15th February 2021*, Kenyans woke up to an updated fair use policy from
Safaricom; the company with the largest market share on the internet
service market. This policy sought to introduce usage limits for internet
consumption which would be followed by significantly lower throttled
internet speeds for users for the remainder of the monthly cycle before an
opportunity to renew the bundle. *Safaricom* is neither the first nor the
only internet service provider employing usage caps and throttle tactics
with internet products. Similar tactics and policies are found with other
providers such as *Faiba JTL* for home internet and *Telkom *on their
mobile internet bundles.
Join us today noon the *18th of February 2021* as we explore the Internet
Service Providers Fair Usage Policies in Kenya. Their impact on inclusive
digital economies, access to the internet, remote work, and regulation of
ISPs in Kenya and Africa broadly.
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