Fwd: State of Open Data in Sub Saharan Africa

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Dear Ory,

I hope you are well. My colleague Serah Rono, told me you might be able to
help me with our research.

My name is Mor Rubinstein, and I am the community coordinator for The State
of Open Data report, a report that aims to look critically at the open data
movement across themes, stakeholders and regions in the last 10 years.

The main goal of this research is to learn in order to shape the future of
open data based on information and evidence gathered from the community.
With more than 30 individual authors, an Editorial Board, and a development
methodology that allows for flexibility and community feedback, The State
of Open Data will bring multiple points of view to the final publication.

We are trying to make this report diverse and inclusive. This is why we
chose to have an open research approach. Our authors wrote short scans
about their chapters and are looking for community input about them. You
can learn more about the scans here


We are looking for more community input and I was wondering if you can help
us by commenting and spread the word about it? The scan is short and any
comment is welcome.

You can find the scan about Sub Saharan here:

Thank you,

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