Fwd: Registration for the 9th virtual African IGF – (vAfIGF-2020)

Dear Listers,

African IGF is holding from 24-27 November. It’s registration is now open.

Please find the details below.

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From: Information Society Division <ISD@africa-union.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 at 01:12
Subject: Registration for the 9th virtual African IGF – (vAfIGF-2020)
Cc: Joshua Joshua <joshuajosh59@gmail.com>, Bernard Brain-Cudjoe <
BrainB@africa-union.org>, biraza gustave <birazagustave@gmail.com>,
Secretariat of the African IGF <africanigf@gmail.com>, Mary Uduma <


*Dear members of African IGF community,*

*We are pleased to announce that registration for this year forum is now
OPEN. Please visit the link *2020.afigf.africa *to register for the Forum.
Once you have completed your registration, you will be able to view the
draft programme and create your own personal calendar. To participate in a
particular session, click on the link associated with the session you wish
to attend to add it to your personal calendar. Various zoom rooms have been
availed to accommodate breakout sessions during Day 0 (25 November 2020).
Day 1 and day 2 (26th & 27th of November 2020) will only have Plenary
sessions. *

*Find a few guidelines that can be used for the Event:*

*Important Notes:*

*1. **The Forum will be preceded by two pre-events, namely the African
School on IG (AfriSIG) and the African Youth IGF to be held on the 23rd and
24th of November respectively, *

*2. **Registration for the African School on IG is closed to AfriSIG
Alumni and PRIDA trainers,*

*3. **Please do share the registration link (2020.afigf.africa) with
people in your network,*

*4. **For further information / inquiries regarding the African Youth
IGF please contact Keith Andere (*kephand@gmail.com*),*

5. *This year vAfIGF-2020 event is themed “**Unlocking Africa\’s Digital
Opportunities During and Post COVID-19**”,*

*6. **The main theme, plenary and breakout sessions were chosen by the
African IGF MAG from the session proposals submitted by the community. *

*Thank you,*

*The AfIGF Secretariat*

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Information Society Division
Infrastructure & Energy Department
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