Fwd: [NRIs List] IGF 2022 Youth Track – outputs and way forward


This is to commend our Youth for active and meaningful participation in the
just concluded global IGF. @Keith Andere <kephand@gmail.com> has been our
Youth representative at the African Internet Governance Forum
Multistakeholder Advisory Group and a champion of the Kenya IGF Youth
track. To Keith , Valerie and the army of KeSIG alumni, well done.


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From: Anja Gengo <anja.gengo@un.org>
Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 2:11 PM
Subject: [NRIs List] IGF 2022 Youth Track – outputs and way forward
To: Igfregionals@intgovforum.org <igfregionals@intgovforum.org>

Dear Colleagues,

The IGF 2022 Youth Track culminated with the IGF 2022 Global Youth Summit
hosted in Addis Ababa. Dozens of Youth IGFs and young people delegated by
the national, sub-regional and regional IGFs worked hard throughout the
year to unpack policy aspects of digital transformation. Long-term, the
track resulted in wonderful connections between young leaders from around
the world.

Several important messages youth sent to the world shortly after the Global
Youth Summit. Thanks to the rapporteurs* (**Ines Hfaiedh, Cynthia
Chepkemoi, Thoko Miya, Elisabeth Schauermann, Stella Teoh,* *Ananda Gautam,
Phyo TL and Afi EDOH**) *the messages are available at the IGF website.
They are an integral part of the final IGF 2022 Summary Report, which is
now being formatted. It will be widely disseminated to stakeholders across
the world. Please see the *messages here*

*How do we want to shape the IGF 2023 Youth Track based on the experience
and lessons learnt from this year? Please do share your advi**c**e to guide
us through the **IGF Takingstock Call*
open until **16 January 2023**.*

I use this opportunity to thank all of you for active support to youth
track, to all the youth IGF leaders involved in the organization of the
track, *listed here*
<www.intgovforum.org/en/content/igf-youth-track>, to all the
speakers, moderators and rapporteurs of the four capacity development
workshops and the Global Youth Summit.

Best regards,