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With the recent enactment of the Data Protection law, this might be usefull
to listers.

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Subject: [Internet Policy] JNC Digital Justice Manifesto
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The Just Net Coalition has just published its Digital Justice Manifesto,
available at:


It advocates the following key principles:

1. Data subjects must own their data – individually and collectively
2. Our data requires protection from abuse
3. We need the tools to control our data
4. Data commons need appropriate governance frameworks
5. Data protection, sharing and use require new institutions
6. Data-creating work ought to come with data rights
7. Data should be processed close to the point of its origin
8. Cross-border data flows must be decided nationally
9. Techno-structures need to be reclaimed as personal and public spaces
10. We should own our software and be able to control it
11. Key digital infrastructures need to be governed as public utilities
12. Techno-structures must be decentralised for open use, with
13. Global digital monopolies should be broken
14. Societies\’ datafication needs to be managed democratically
15. Digital standards must be developed by public interest bodies
16. The digital has to be governed in a local-to-global manner

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