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This is IT for Change\’s new paper on \”*Breaking Up Big Tech: Separation of
its Data, Cloud and Intelligence Layers*\”


Its main argument is that traditional competition frameworks are inadequate
to addressing the rapidly building digital power concentration. These need
to be combined with perspectives from technology governance that focus on
structural separation of technology-functional layers (*a la* net
neutrality, but also more) to form a composite new approach to digital

The paper presents a \’regulatory ideal-type\’ for structural separation of
four key functional layers of digital value chains; data layer, cloud
layer, intelligence layer and consumer-facing intelligent services layers.

Although building upon and tying together many policy/ regulation
initiatives already taking place, for instance in the data layer, we
understand that presented as a holistic new regulatory approach to reining
in the power of Big Tech, this is a rather new, and somewhat radical,
departure, from existing thinking and approaches in this area.

Comments are very welcome.
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