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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] [OT] Who\’s is working on Facial Recognition and
biometrics tech in Africa?
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Dear all,

I\’m looking to reach out to groups who has worked on a campaign,
lawsuit, FOIA requests or publish a research in 2019 about the use of
face recognition by govts and companies in public spaces? I\’m also
interested in research that points outs to the influence of Chinese
biometric tech or funding for biometric tech in developing countries, in
particular Africa (and Latin America).

I\’m currently working on an EFF End of Year post on the topic, and would
love to cite your work if you have work on any of those topics. If
that\’s the case, please shoot me a private message to katitza@eff.org
with a link to your current work.

Muchas gracias,

All the best,

Katitza Rodriguez

EFF, International Rights Director

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