Fwd: ✉️WEBINAR: Sexual Violence in the Metaverse

Upcoming webinar on sexual violence in the metaverse.

*Victor Kapiyo*
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[image: Alliance for Universal Digital Rights]

We believe in a future where all citizens of the global digital ecosystem,
no matter who they are or where they live, can enjoy equal rights to
safety, freedom, and dignity.


The metaverse has been touted as a revolutionary technology, with the
potential to reshape human interaction, but it is marred by an alarming
rise in sexual violence and harassment against women.

While the metaverse has typically been experienced up until now via online
games and virtual role-playing activities, dating apps are increasingly
entering the virtual world and augmented realities. It is also being
explored as a future commercial and financial interest at the international

*At the end of April, the month dedicated to the awareness of sexual abuse,
we will look towards our digital future with a discussion focusing on the
findings of our most recent report, co-produced by AUDRi
<audri.org>, Equality Now <equalitynow.org>, and Vulnera
<brusselsprivacyhub.com/vulnera/>. This report explores the
potential for applying and adapting existing criminal laws to metaverse
scenarios. Date: Wednesday. 24 April 2024 Time: 2pm UTC Register here

We will be leading a discussion with Carlotta Rigotti and Gianclaudio
Malgieri, researchers at Vulnera and authors of the report.

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Creating a future where everyone in the digital world can enjoy the right
to safety, freedom and dignity.

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Our Mission
We are calling for the adoption of a universal digital rights framework,
rooted in human rights law and underpinned by an intersectional feminist,
anti-discrimination analysis.

We therefore propose a set of Digital Principles, developed to inform
global efforts towards a digital future in which everyone can enjoy equal
rights to safety, freedom, and dignity.

These focus on women, girls, and other people from discriminated-against
groups, who experience intersecting forms of violence, oppression, and
discrimination in the real world. Because it is only when the most
vulnerable in society are protected that we are all safe.
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