You got that right. The auction is not connected to the main core registry system.

In the scheme of things we ought to commend KeNIC and the CA (Communication Authority) for responding promptly to issues of public interest. This can only improve their engagement and performance in relation to the public. I wish I could say the same regarding the team behind the eCiziten Portal.

@Sidney you raised a pertinent issue on possible fraud and leakage. Mine is to ask for clarification from KeNIC on this issue.

1. Was anyone who bid and won a domain denied it and given to someone else?
2. Since we know no system in the world is 100% full proof it would be good to get an assurance from KeNIC on what happens next.

@Barrack, I applaud your bringing to attention the privacy angle. There’s zero excuse for someone to peddle a document with personal information the way this document was circulated. Respect of personal privacy is an important matter in today’s world. Even as we wait for a bill to address this I urge us to play a personal role in this and exercise self regulation.


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