@ Wash,

Let me declare that i am not holding brief for KeNIC even though my work
involves promoting ccTLDs across the African continent at www.aftld.org. I
wanted us to have a sober and informed conversation as is the case now, you
may also notice that i requested that for a statement on the ecitizen
downtime so that we dont cast aspersions where there are genuine
challenges. What we are debating happens a lot beyond the borders hence my
call for a sober and informed conversation on the same whilst protecting
the privacy of innocent customers whose details are being thrown around. I
hope that clarifies my stand.

On 26 Jan 2018 15:25, \”Odhiambo Washington\” <odhiambo@gmail.com> wrote:

> @Barrack,
> Are you contracted as an attorney for KeNIC? The tone of your response
> seems to castigate some listers whereas this is a forum where people are
> free to air their opinions freely, unless that changed without my knowledge.
> Secondly, I think you are wrong to come to the defense of KeNIC. They are
> capable of doing that themselves.
> On personal data being passed around, I think it\’s better to be open about
> what someone alleges. If anyone feels offended, they can seek legal redress.
> Just my rebuke of your stand 🙂
> Now that that is off my chest, I think this statement by KeNIC has been
> concocted. It was done on 24th but could not be released until 26th. It
> comes out strongly in defense of their staff as not being capable of
> impropriety. That is subject to interrogation by listers who believe that
> there has been some impropriety in the process.
> I am still reading the statement, and need to read the previous one again,
> alongside the one that contains the allegations.
> I have seen this in the statement released today: \”S*everal domains
> attracted higher amounts with NI.KE attracting up to KES
> 1,000,0000,038.*\” – I am wondering whether this is a typo or some
> misplaced comma or zero….
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