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You raise a very critical issue about critical government services. I’m curious. Since Lilian from ICT has responded to Victor maybe she can come back to us after consulting internally with answers to the following questions:-

1. Where is the eCitizen Portal hosted and what are the SLA details?
2. Why is it so difficult to get anyone on the Customer Service Line?
3. There’s no recourse when there is an issue to resolve. In November I had to pay twice for my driving license renewal. To date I’m not even sure who to speak with for a refund.
4. For such a critical service we are past the stage of being ‘happy’ simply to have the service. As citizens we expect NOTHING BUT THE BEST from Silicon Savannah.
5. When will the service be fully mobile enabled?

It’s high time we elevate this service to world class standard. As it is every time I think about using the service I start getting agitated.

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