Day 4 Talk2Facebook ~ Connectivity & Wrap Up

Happy Saturday!

It’s a Wrap! We are so grateful to everyone that has contributed to these
conversations so far. Today we end with the “Connectivity” topic and any
other concern you might like to raise that might not have perfectly fitted
in any of the topics we’ve discussed.

FB is involved in infrastructure projects that go beyond digital content
and potentially competes with traditional Telco providers licensed to
provide telco infrastructure. Share your comments, experiences, and
challenges with regard to Facebook Services along the following themes:

a) Have you ever experienced or used the FB High Altitude Connectivity

b) Have you ever experienced or used the FB FreeBasic Product which allows
users to connect to FB without incurring data costs?

c) Do you think these two initiatives bring regulatory concerns that touch
on completion, customer lock-in and others?

Looking forward to your input! Have a relaxing weekend!


Tr. Karis


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