Day 4: Policy and Regulatory Framework on Privacy and Data Protection- Data Controllers and Processors

Regarding sensitive data, there is need to increase the scope to Mobile
number, ID, Email, and postal addresses. Using someones number, you can
retrive a lot of meta data about the person. Using an email, you can
retrieve a lot of metadata that you wouldn\’t have had access to physically.
There is a lot of fraud happening, including identity theft that use your
ID, Number or email. So they need to be included as part of sensitive data.

Another key thing is increasing the jurisdiction to cover Kenyans no
matter where they are. A lot of Kenyans are transacting online, which
increases the level at which their data is saved and used for and against
them. It\’s important that they are notified and agree or disagree with the
service provider and not be held hostage to not using the service if they
do not agree. And the purpose to which their data is used for.