Day 3 Talk2Facebook ~ Human Rights & Transparency


It’s a Furahiday, Day 3 of Talk2Facebook, today we scrutinize Facebook from
the Human Rights & Transparency angle!

Some of the basic human rights include freedom of expression, association,
opinion amongst others. Transparency of FB with regard to how it handles
user data is paramount to achieving these human rights. . Share your
comments, experiences, and challenges with regard to Facebook Services
along the following themes:

a) Do you feel Facebook may share your posts with state actors under the
various surveillance regimes in a way that threatens your ability to
express yourself online?

b) Do you get regular Transparency reports on how many times FB has legally
shared user data with State Agencies?

c) Some Terrorists have broadcasted their heinous crimes on FBLive. Do you
think FB has acted swiftly to address these and other types of crimes?

Tomorrow we wrap up on the “Connectivity” topic, we look forward to hearing
from you today on Human Rights & Transparency!

Feel free to comment on any of the previous topics under their respective
thread. Thank you for the interaction so far!

Happy Furahi Day!

Rest of the Program:

Day 4: Connectivity & Wrap Up

Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis


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