Day 3 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)

Dear Kanini,

I second Barack and extend his sentiments by alluding to my immediate
comments on the Jadili platform. The public participation framework should
include a component on how to use developments in legal informatics in
guaranteeing public participation by the citizenry on decisions affecting
them. If we can annotate bills at such granular levels as
section/subsection/paragraph etc, a ready use case would be to crowdsource
for comments and show which sections/amendments are most favoured and which
aren\’t. That helps to hold legislators accountable and also to confront
amendments that are sneaked into bills last minute.

We have related case studies to avail while doing this – Kenya leads the
continent and has one of the most progressive law reporting portals owing
to joint efforts by the AG\’s office, the Kenya Law Reform Commission, the
Africa i-Parliaments Action Plan, UN/DESA and Lexis Nexis. What that means
is for instance that eKLR now incorporate the latest Legislative XML
standards such as Akoma Ntoso which makes their open data way more
beneficial to those harnessing and adding value to it e.g. in my research

Kind regards,

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