Day 3 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)

Good morning Kanini,

There is need for a proper framework that defines meaningful public
participation which should be adhered to by the National and County
government. KICTAnet developed a tool kit that should be considered by the
Senate. At the very minimum the Senate should be providing feedback
whenever it calls the public as it did last year during the elections
amendment debate, honestly the wahehimiwas earn sitting allowances while
the public spends their precious time to contribute to their work yet no
feedback is provided. We need urgent feedback on the ICT policy, we also
need feedback on the public participation exercise that culminated in the
elections amendment act.

I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud senator Halake for
engaging stakeholders electronically through the KICTAnet mailing list, i
think the senate can take advantage of mailing lists and Social Media to
engage the public provided the engagement is well structured and based on a
public participation framework.


On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 9:10 AM, kanini mutemi via kictanet <> wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> Welome to the third and final day of the Talk to the Senate series. We
> have discussed at length the challenges facing the counties and made
> exciting proposals for a brighter future. We will culminate this discussion
> with an earnest look at how we can foster engagements between the ICT
> community and the legislature (think, effective public participation). The
> proposals we come up with could very easily be adopted into a Public
> Participation Bill that would dictate how counties are to conduct public
> participation, talk about killing two birds with one stone.
> Please indulge me in answering the following questions–
> (a) What constitutes effective public participation?
> (b) How can we leverage on ICT to achieve effective public participation?
> (c) Please give proposals on engagements you would like to see between the
> ICT community and the Senate ICT Committee.
> Let us finish strong!
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