Day 2 Pre KIGF Online Discussion – Environment Track

Good morning Listers,

Thank you to all who contributed to yesterday’s topic. The thread is still
open for those who may have further thoughts on data.

Welcome to day 2 of our pre KIGF online discussions. Our topic today is on
the environment which has been powerfully impacted by the internet and
Information and communication technologies. They connect people, initiative
and resources thus opening up avenues for collaboration. They also help
monitor and track the environment facilitating understanding, prevention
and more targeted interventions globally.

This track aims to understand the interdependences between the use of
Internet and digital technologies to preserve the environment, but also to
threaten its sustainability. It will consider how the positive impacts of
ICTs for climate action can be enhanced while minimizing any negative
impact. Let\’s talk about climate change, ICTs impact on the environment,
leveraging artificial intelligence and big data etc, as we ponder on the
below questions:

1. How can existing and emerging digital technologies contribute to
addressing climate change and how can they foster change in various sectors
of the economy (manufacturing, trade, agrifood, etc.)? What initiatives
exist and what can be done to improve them?

2. What can be done to reduce the carbon footprint of ICTs (e.g.
sustainable infrastructure, carbon-neutral data centres, efficient
manufacturing, use and recycling of devices, etc.)? What lessons can be
learned from various communities (e.g. indigenous peoples etc.) and
existing initiatives?

3. What role can data and AI play in tackling sustainability issues
such as climate change, biodiversity, conservation and water scarcity?

4. How could policy-making benefit from the analysis of big data to
better understand impacts of policy decisions on sustainability?

Over to you Listers!!