Day 1:Discussion of the Data Protection (Civil Registration) Regulations 2020

Dear Listers .

Following the release of the following regulations :-

1) Data Protection (Civil Registration) Regulations 2020
2) Registration of Persons (National Integrated Identity Management Systems
(NIIMs), Regulations 2020

Today we shall cover the first on* Data Protection* and we shall discuss
the NIIMs regulations tomorrow . The following are a few questions to
guide our discussion:-

1) On the definition of Civil Registry a list of public agencies has been
given, should these regulations apply to other state agencies which collect
personal data for example the National Employment Authority, NSSF, NHIF etc
or would these fit under a separate set of regulations?

2) What happens to existing civil registry databases, shall there be a
transition for example IPRS, this is missing in the current draft?

3)The regulations make provisions for requests by public entities what
about provisions for requests by private entities?

4) Do you feel that adequate provisions have been made for the protection
of your data that will be held by civil registries?

Kind regards,

Rosemary Koech-Kimwatu
Head of Public Policy Oxygene MCL
Tel: +254 718 181644

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