Day 1 Talk2Facebook ~ Content Moderation

Hi There!

Hoping you are having a great week, we are delighted to invite you to this
4 days series on “Talk2Facebook”, on Day 1, we are eager to hear from you
on issues surrounding Content Moderation on FB!

Content Moderation is a delicate balance between freedom of speech and
censorship. Share your comments, experiences, and challenges with regard to
Facebook Services along the following themes:

a) Should FB be moderating digital content on their platform or should it
be open and liberal?

b) If FB can moderate content on its platform, how can it balance out
different cultural expectations where a single post in one jurisdiction is
considered acceptable while it becomes un-acceptable in another?

c) How can FB moderate content without being considered a gatekeeper or
violating freedom of speech?

d) Has your content posted on FB ever been flagged as un-acceptable and
what was your reaction/experience? Is there a process of appeal?

We hope to hear from you today as tomorrow we will be talking about Data
Protection Issues.

Have a great day!

Rest of the Program:

Day 2: Data Protection

Day 3: Human Rights & Transparency

Day 4: Connectivity & Wrap Up

Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis

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