Day 1 Pre KIGF Online Discussion – Data Track

Goodmorning Keith,

Many thanks for starting this timely conversation. Yesterday i came across
rumours in the blogosphere regarding the appointment of the Data
Commissioner. Clearly Data will play a key role in this decade in our
Social and Economic Spheres. We are seeing a way of life \’working from
home\’, \’Online learning\’, \’e-health\’, \’e-agriculture\’ which will all be
dependent on data. While contemplating how to respond to this discussion i
kept asking myself whether we have or there is a need for a common
definition of Data across all stakeholder groups. This could be a starting
point that will make life easier for the Data Commissioner and all
Stakeholder groups as a whole. Once we have a Common understanding, it will
be easy to define our roles and responsibilities and use cases. We will
also be able to define our Capacity building needs.

I will be back with more.

On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 7:36 AM Keith Andere via kictanet <> wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> I trust you are all having a great week. As you are aware this year
> Kenya’s 2020 IGF will be one of a kind as it will be our first ever virtual
> KIGF. It will be taking place on 29th October and as part of the build up
> to this major event, we shall be having moderated 3-day online discussions
> on this year’s KIGF theme.
> These discussions will allow us to not only learn some few things but also
> designed to allow us to dig deeper into a range of topics and ultimately
> apply those concepts on the Big Day!
> This year’s first sub theme is Data. The Data track will provide for
> discussions on the fundamental challenge of ensuring the benefits of the
> data revolution to contribute to inclusive economic development while
> protecting the rights of people. Under this topic there are also matters to
> do with digital identity, data and jurisdiction, data driven emerging
> technologies, data access, quality, innovation and competition. To this
> end, I invite your contributions to the following questions:
> 1. What are/should be the rights and responsibilities for
> individuals in determining the use of their personal data? How to ensure
> transparency and accountability in the gathering and handling of personal
> data?
> 2. What societal and economic benefits are enabled by the
> trustworthy use of data to develop data-driven emerging technologies?
> 3. To what extent, if any, could the development of international
> norms and principles facilitate common approaches and interoperability of
> data protection frameworks, and also facilitate international trade and
> cooperation?
> 4. What is the impact of AI and other data-driven technologies in
> the exercise of rights of most vulnerable groups? How to implement them to
> further advance their inclusion and avoid further harm?
> 5. How can we ensure equitable access to data for fostering
> competition and innovation?
> Karibuni Mjadala.
> Regards
> Keith
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