Cyber Hygiene Survey Questionnaire

Dear Listers,

We are conducting a baseline study to find out the level of cyber hygiene
in the country. Please could you kindly find time to respond to the survey
questionnaire provided on the link below. We are doing this survey on
behalf of the ICT Authority.

The survey link is

Your response will be highly appreciated

Lawrence Dinga, CISSP
Inspire Africa Initiative

Dear Participant,

Greetings and I trust you are well.

As may be aware, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the
Internet have permeated today’s lifestyle and have transformed how
individuals, businesses, and governments produce and receive information. We
see ICT driving manufacturing, banking, health, education, and almost every
sector of our economy. ICT has enabled us to exchange information and
transact business with people from every corner of Kenya and even globally
quickly and inexpensively. The Government of Kenya through various
initiatives is moving services closer to the people through the use of ICT
platforms such as e-citizen. However, ICT has also opened new opportunities
for criminals to use modern technology to harm individuals, organizations,
businesses, and society. Citizens, as well as businesses, have lost
millions of shillings to computer-savvy criminals. These losses are due to
the fact that the criminals are taking the advantage of the lack of
awareness by the general population regarding the risks when using ICT and
the Internet.

This survey aims to find out some of the vulnerabilities users of ICT and
the Internet experience when they go online. The intention is to create
awareness among users by providing relevant information to enhance their
capacity to protect themselves online.

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