Concern: Man charged for using new Safaricom line to get Sh400, 000 from Co-op Bank

Banks’ security measures leave a lot to be desired. In 2021, I started
receiving someone’s monthly e-statements. I immediately emailed the bank
to let them know. I don’t even have an account with the said bank, by the
way. To my surprise, the customer service email on their website was
returning a delivery failed message. So I gave up. The next month I got
another statement from the same customer… I went to their Twitter and
told them what was up, and they promised to look into it. Long story short,
for the whole of last year, I was getting a lot of sensitive info that
wasn’t mine; only after I had threatened them with legal action did they
finally make it stop. But look how long it took them. The class action suit
should commence.
Florence A. Ouma
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On Wed, Nov 9, 2022 at 10:20 AM Ali Hussein via KICTANet <> wrote:

> You know guys I think we are not dealing with this issue conclusively. The
> financial services sector in totality (and here I include the telcos) need
> to get serious!! Too many complaints going on, too many people losing money
> and all these guys can do is blame each other or the customer!!!
> I think they will only wake up when a class action suit is filed to
> resolve this matter once and for all.
> It’s really unfortunate.
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> On Wed, Nov 9, 2022 at 9:40 AM Sidney Ochieng via KICTANet <
>> wrote:
>> Once again the default practice of tying a phone number to one’s identity
>> when they can get inactive after just 6 months is having unintended
>> consequences. In this case Mr Atambo should immediately sue the bank and/or
>> Mr Thuita after he’s acquitted, it’s ridiculous to be brought up on charges
>> when he received a message from them. In fact one has to wonder what
>> security measures the bank has in place that he somehow managed to access
>> an account that isn’t his.
>> Kenyan companies use our phone numbers as identity for so many things.
>> Either they put in proper measures to ensure incidents like this don’t
>> happen or the telcos are compelled to keep peoples numbers to one user for
>> a much longer period of time.
>> Warmly,
>> Sidney
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>> Dear Listers,
>> This week:
>> “I thought I had won Lotto, Tatua Tatu or [lotteries] when I
>> received the money, because I had been participating in the betting,” Mr
>> Atambo told the magistrate.
>> He said he had no reason to doubt himself because he had been betting
>> when he received the text message to access the account. Man charged
>> for using new Safaricom line to get Sh400,000 from Co-op Bank | Nation
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