Concern: Man charged for using new Safaricom line to get Sh400, 000 from Co-op Bank

Once again the default practice of tying a phone number to one’s identity when they can get inactive after just 6 months is having unintended consequences. In this case Mr Atambo should immediately sue the bank and/or Mr Thuita after he’s acquitted, it’s ridiculous to be brought up on charges when he received a message from them. In fact one has to wonder what security measures the bank has in place that he somehow managed to access an account that isn’t his.

Kenyan companies use our phone numbers as identity for so many things. Either they put in proper measures to ensure incidents like this don’t happen or the telcos are compelled to keep peoples numbers to one user for a much longer period of time.


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> “I thought I had won Lotto, Tatua Tatu or [lotteries] when I received the money, because I had been participating in the betting,” Mr Atambo told the magistrate.
> He said he had no reason to doubt himself because he had been betting when he received the text message to access the account. Man charged for using new Safaricom line to get Sh400,000 from Co-op Bank | Nation <>