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Dear Listers:

Am conducting research on Community Networks in Kenya, Namibia, Senegal, Morocco and wondering if anyone might have some leads.

This is for a client interested in scaling up any fully operational CN especially those managed by women for their economic activities.

Zenzeleni in SA is the best I have and having two more would really help!

Asanteni and great weekend

5 thoughts on “Community Networks

  1. Thank you so much David! Deeply appreciated.

    Asante sana, I will contact Ms Kyalo separately.

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  2. Okay! That’s very good news! Now I know what to do!

    Asante sana, diversion from CNs, nilisomea Muslim Girls Parkroad 1974-1977! Loved Ramadan cos we got dates from Saudia! And Idd we had 4 days off!

    Sir Ali Sports Club brought us great goodies we were 50% Christians and 50% Muslim.

    Principal allowed me to start a Christian Union which stands to date for the Christians.

    Where can I get the Saudia dates Ali?


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