Call for Film Submissions to the Africa International Human Rights Film Festival

Call for Film Submissions to the Africa International Human Rights Film

The Human Rights Journalists Network Nigeria (HRJN) is proud to present the
3rd edition of the Africa International Human Rights Film Festival
(AIHRFF): Documenting Resilience. This festival is our initiative to spark
important conversations about a wide range of human rights issues through
the powerful medium of film.

A Growing Platform for Human Rights Stories
Over the past two editions, the festival has become a significant platform
for filmmakers and human rights advocates. We’ve received over 3,000 film
submissions and screened more than 200 films. In addition to these
screenings, we’ve curated over 10 panel discussions and conversations on
pressing human rights issues, including gender equality in housing and
technology, press freedom in Africa, and climate justice. The festival has
also hosted masterclasses led by renowned filmmakers worldwide, providing
invaluable learning opportunities for aspiring creators.

This year’s festival theme is RESILIENCE. We will celebrate the unwavering
spirit of communities, journalists, and human rights defenders who continue
to fight for a just world despite facing repression. The festival will
showcase stories of communities facing different human rights violations
like illegal demolitions and displacement, yet continue to fight back and
demand change. We will explore how these communities and individuals
collaborate to resist oppression and build a better future.

Join Us in Documenting, Inspiring, and Building Resilience
We invite you to partner with the Africa International Human Rights Film
Festival. Submit your films and join us in documenting these stories of
resilience, inspiring action, and empowering communities to fight for their
rights. Let’s work together to create a platform that highlights human
rights issues and celebrates the strength and perseverance of those who
stand up against injustice.

Submit Your Films Now!
Be a part of this impactful event and share your stories with the world.
For submission guidelines and deadlines, please visit our submission page: or at We look forward to your participation in the
3rd Africa International Human Rights Film Festival.

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