CADE: Empowering civil society to shape digital policies and standards

Dear Listers,

KICTANet is proud to invite you to the launch of the Civil Society
Alliances for Digital Empowerment (CADE) project.

CADE is a consortium of nine organisations that teamed up for one aim: to
enhance the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) for effective
advocacy in multilateral and multistakeholder internet governance processes.

*Interested to know more?*
Join us for the official launch at the WSIS+20 Forum!

Public announcement
at 09:00–09:45 CEST (07:00–07:45 UTC)
Technical session: Enhancing CSO participation in global digital policy
processes: Roles, structures, and accountability at 10:00–10:45 CEST
(08:00–08:45 UTC)

CADE is co-funded by the European Union.

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