Biometric IDs listing set for this year after secret tender

Do we have to loot this country dry? Each news bit is more depressing than the previous one. This in my opinion is absolutely unnecessary, countries have done way more with way less data to go by.

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On 4 Aug 2018, 12:00 AM +0300, kanini mutemi via kictanet <>, wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> Business Daily reports of a ‘secret tender’ to undertake a fresh ID registration based on biometrics. I am concerned for two reasons–
> (a) Transparency
> (b) Public participation.
> There is no denying the place of technology and how far we could go if we adapted the most recent tech in governance. However, the very sensitive nature of this type of data places a bigger responsibility on GoK. First to develop a data protection framework but beyond that get the public buy in. To add, our current governance framework calls for transparency and public participation. There is no going around those two prerequisites. Have we not learnt anything from Communication Authority and DMS woes?
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