Articles from KICTANet 28 April 2023

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Centre Launched to Support Social Justice Organisations Be Digitally Resilient

The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) in partnership with the Africa Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) coalition members officially launched the Tatua Digital Resilience Centre. The Tatua Digital Resilience Centre aims to support Social Justice Organizations (SJOs) in East Africa, to maintain, grow, change, recover and survive in a changing environment by implementing effective digital strategies. The Centre will initially support …

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[L-R Mwendwa Kivuva, Secretariat Tatua Digital, Ms Grace Githaiga CEO KICTANet, Dr. Rose Reuben · Executive Director at Tanzania Media Women’s Association – TAMWA, Ms Linda Ochiel, Ford Foundation, Mr Robert Kirenga (Executive Director, Uganda Human Rights Defenders Coalition), Protection Hub, Mr Brian Byaruhanga, Digital Resilience (CIPESA) and Muthuri Kathure – Senior Programme Officer – ARTICLE 19 during the launch of the Tatua Digital Resilience Center in Nairobi.](

KICTANet’s Spotlight Report on Notable ICT Issues and Trends

[Cover page of the KICTANet quarterly spotlight report for January 2023 – March 2023](

By Simon Ambale KICTANet has released its quarterly spotlight report for January 2023 – March 2023. The report covers the initiatives and activities conducted during this period, including the commemoration of Data Privacy Day, International Women’s Day, and the creation of a National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation. In addition, the report also provides an outlook for …

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30% Local Shareholding Requirements For Foreign Telcos in Kenya Set To Go

Recently the Kenyan President – after being persuaded by foreign investors from the US – was convinced that the provision that requires foreign telcos to have local partners with at least 30% shareholding should be done away with. The President is reported to have been convinced that the rule had become a hurdle for large tech firms like Amazon wishing …

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[30% Local Shareholding Requirements For Foreign Telcos in Kenya Set To Go](

Licensed Spectrum vs Unlicensed Spectrum vs Lightly Licensed Spectrum

[Licensed Spectrum vs Unlicensed Spectrum vs Lightly Licensed Spectrum](

Spectrum bands typically dictate the technology that can be used. Licensed Spectrum Licensed Spectrum refers to frequency bands reserved by a country’s telecommunications regulatory body (CA for Kenya, ICASA for South Africa) for use by certain companies like television and radio broadcasters, cellular network operators, etc. These frequencies are auctioned at a fee. Licensed bands allow their users to manage …

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