Articles from KICTANet 12 May 2023

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Spectrum for Mobile Communications

Mobile phones enable us to connect with our personal acquaintances, do business, and provide a portable platform to work on while on the move. For the two phones to talk to each other, they need a special kind of spectrum we call IMT. IMT stands for International Mobile Telephony. IMT is used to indicate spectrum that is reserved for all …

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[Spectrum for Mobile Communications](

Kenyan Government embracing Cryptocurrencies

[Kenyan Government embracing Cryptocurrencies](

By John Walubengo. Last week, the Kenyan Treasury Cabinet Secretary published the Finance Bill 2023 and within it, he stated his intention to tax cryptocurrency transactions. Specifically, it states as follows in clause 10, page 8: The owner of a platform or the person who facilitates the exchange or transfer of digital asset shall deduct the digital asset tax (at …

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