Article – Protecting Ideas: The Government Whitebox is out…

\” While strong arguments may be made for the need to create a competitive environment, there is a counter argument that there is need to reward novelty to originators of ideas by granting some sort of protection for innovating. While this makes sense, the truth is that not all original business ideas qualify for intellectual property rights award. It is interesting that business ideas on their own do not qualify for protection. I have set out a few simple steps through which an originator of “business ideas” can guard their idea without necessarily being given intellectual property rights protection. The first is simply being wise and cautious about your dealings with third parties concerning these ideas. Do not disclose this idea to others without being strategic about it. Premature disclosure could lead to its annihilation or theft. In the event you opt to disclose, then ensure that you have signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Please do consult a lawyer to assist in its preparation and avoid picking template drafts from the internet. Some are irrelevant to the domestic situation and actually accord you no protection.

A message said again and again. So what\’s still missing 
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