Good evening team,

As promised during the last Idefend Conference, we will show case how
Forkbombo Cyber Cartel was using hidden laptops to laterally infect systems
in an infrastructure. For those who missed my talk on ForkbomboCyberCartel,
you can access it here

Since this Cartel broke up in 2017, after the major arrests of their
leadership, the Tactics Techniques and Procedures, to bring hidden laptops
inside Banks, Saccos, MFIs and even Government Financial Institutes haven\’t
died off. Due to the amount of robberies happening right now by different
groups, it\’s imperative to learn this exception TTP and the reason why
uprooting these devices is paramount to counter cyber operations.

Kindly join us tomorrow, from 1500 hrs to 1630 hrs for Hidden laptop Cyber
range Webinar by sending an email for registration to

Thank you, see you then.